Black to Comm

Live from Detroit 7. 23

Octo pipe terminal

Downtown Detroit studio kitchen and desk view

This has been a fun exercise in over plumbed long winded button pressing, going home now

iPhone screen showing Lo Max calling a minute to 11:00

Thanks for tuning in

Haha there's a bug in my script, I guess we'll never know

Alright making the call now

I have to clear the room I'm in by 11:15, so at 11:00 I am going to make a call and hang up to force the script to answer me as definitely as possible where to go next

That's what I'm seeing, so I'm hoping it went smoothly for others as well

If all went well you should be seeing instead of the poster for the show a live data stream

Go time

Once I take the safety off, netcat will exit, the blocking script will wake up and have the system send an SMS with the words "Go time" via the Shortcuts app

Alright, first step, safety off screenshot showing mock safety switch is on

At 10:50 I also scheduled a crontab to start broadcasting my personal archive over WebSockets from an external hard disk attached to a Raspberry Pi

I will take the safety off and let netcat have it

I have an iOS mock app in Playground with a safety switch

I have also started a blocking script that is going to exit as soon as netcat receives an HTTP request screenshot showing netcat started by calling 'make block'

I am first going to tell netcat to listen on port 1234

I am narrating this via SMS

And have set up a mechanism to help with that

I am trying to decide where to go next

I have driven the many miles from New Orleans up the blues and music highways, through Mississippi and Tennessee and past Kentucky and Ohio to Detroit, Michigan

Alright, here we go


This show is about to start

Shrine of Old St. Mary's MAINTENANCE FUND donation slip signed Aki

Ann Arbor's cloud painted Water Tower seen from Plymouth Rd near the US-23 interchange

Electric manhole cover

MUSIC IS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF MANKIND H. W. Longfellow sidewalk inscription in Scherrmerhorn Symphony Center's plaza

View of downtown Nashville from the John Siegenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

Looking up towards the morning sky from between the concrete pillars of Nashville's Parthenon


Lit up Hernando do Soto Bridge seen from Mud Island

Loaded barge seen from behind the trees of Greenbelt Park at dusk

Looking down between legs at fallen YIELD traffic sign

Looking up at rusty and possibly defunct surveillance camera near the US 49 and US 61 intersection

The Robert Johnson's CROSSROADS tribute sign

Decomposing LOSS ROADS? Clarksdale store sign

BIG BOY stove in Vicksburg's Civil War Museum

The empty and long unused Natchez cinema Ritz

Looking upriver from Bluff Park

Natchez, antebellum capital of the world

The Natchez-Vidalia bridge looking south from next to the boat ramp on a rainy day

Nortbound US 61, the Blues Highway, blue road sign

CRUISING THE BIG EASY painted on side of flakey steel container parked across from mast-arm traffic light and surveillance camera

Half empty cargo ship seen from Woldenberg Park ferrying the Mississippi

Red traffic light adorned in Mardi Gras throws

Contre-jour little boy surveying traffic from on top of telecoms cabinet holding on to neighboring signpost for balance and looked on by mother

NOLA man sleeping curbside on Magazine St.


Left pointing one way sign made to read TONEKWAY and featuring a ruby tinted sunglass wearing Guy Fieri sticker at the tip

NOLA's Garden District Camp St. name tile

Rockaway Beach looking east towards Silver Point

Feet wet!

Late night Turtle Cove south facing view Throgs Neck Bridge in the distance

NYPA Randall's Island distant evening view on the way to Orchard Beach

Lit up 4th of July Coney Island's Thunderbolt and Astroland and Wonder Wheel looking back from the beach

Early hour cycling up towards Greenpoint lady in the middle of the road plus horse riding warning sign

Late 4th of July slow cycling down misty Prospect Park on the way to Coney Island

What am I missing? KH sitting ITP summer campers down for a farewell pic

Jersey City Hudson River Waterfront Walkway Downtown Manhattan One World Trade Center 45th birthday snap

Coney Island couple's 4th of July beachside midnight near embrace

Whitehall bound Staten Island Ferry seen from the Governors Island Ferry, the Statue of Liberty in the distance

Governors Island Soissons Landing welcome sign

Cycling along Roosevelt Avenue towards Woodside under the 7 train tracks

Lower Manhattan seen from the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway

Brooklyn's new WELCOME sign seen from Pier 15 as the Canadian widlfire smoke plumes begin to clear

Sunset view of Manhattan from behind the Calvary Cemetery


Corona Park's Unisphere looking south